Steering Committee


Genevieve Pascoe, (314) 543.2253, genevieve.pascoe@charter.com
  • Provides direction and leadership for the Steering Committee and oversees the achievement of the strategic plan
  • Presides at CBN meetings and special events
  • Oversees CBN operations, administrative support activities and monitors expenditures of the organization

Past President

Darla Dickinson, (314) 994.2926, ddickinson@archrsc.com
  • Provides guidance and support for the new President
  • Supports other Committees as needed, and assists the Steering Committee with new initiatives


Rupinder (Rup) S. Budhan, (314) 342.0857, Rupinder.Budhan@spireenergy.com
  • Maintains necessary tax related documentation, files and reconciles checkbook
  • Creates and monitors monthly income/expense reports
  • Reviews invested funds reports

Program Committee

Nazgul Green, (314) 543.2361, nazgul.green@charter.com; Lana Vakula, (314) 543.2364, svetlana.vakula@charter.com ; Laura Russell, laura.russell@novusint.com

  • Plans and develops programs for meetings conducted during the year
  • Coordinates A/V and food at meeting site
  • Introduces speaker/facilitates meetings

Professional Development Committee

Andrea Hunt, (314) 288.3033 andrea.hunt@charter.com  ; Heather Mohr, (231) 715.4480 hmohr@hagerty.com
  • Acts a liaison between WorldatWork and CBN
  • Coordinates CBN-sponsored WorldatWork events (including venue, registration, volunteers, etc.)
  • Communicates with WorldatWork
  • Addresses education/certification questions

Membership Committee

Kathy Eller, (314) 615.5430, keller@stlouiscountymo.gov
  • Identifies potential members/recruiting
  • Conducts member renewal process
  • Welcomes new members

Communications Committee

Rica Buckels, (314) 747.1974, rica.buckels@bjc.org ; Melanie A. Hebda, (314) 692.5775, Melanie.Hebda@safetynational.com

  • Coordinates development of all communications including announcements,
    newsletter, etc.
  • Oversees web page design and enhancements
  • Leads marketing and public relations efforts

University Relations

Andrea Hunt, (314) 288.3033 andrea.hunt@charter.com
  • Liaison to local Universities and Colleges

Ad Hoc Committee

Alicia Jett: (636) 891.5710, Ajett@neti-us.com
  • Assists with special projects for CBN (such as planning special events, etc.)
  • Provides support to other members of the steering committee on an as needed


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